At Homemade Baby, we believe that every child deserves the very best nutrition possible. By providing freshly prepared, organic, kosher baby food delivered conveniently to your front door, we’re committed to helping you give your baby a head start toward making smart, healthy food choices for life.

Our company began because of one powerful emotion known to every new parent – fear. As parents of three daughters, we felt overwhelmed by the responsibility for feeding our children healthy food that also tasted great. And then one night we read the research that says life-long eating habits are established during a child’s first three years…

So Theresa studied nutrition and started to cook. She also took favorite recipes from our childhoods, and gave them a nutritional “makeover”. The results were so delicious we couldn’t help ourselves and started eating our children’s meals right along with them. Sometimes, we even served Theresa’s dishes at dinner parties. The meal was always a hit – and nobody believed they’d been raving about baby food.

When friends began asking us to prepare extra food for their own babies, we decided to share Theresa’s dishes with busy parents everywhere. Now we enjoy hearing parents describe the looks on their children’s faces as their little tummies discover our delicious, healthy new foods. After all, feeding your child great, nutritious food is an expression of that other, even more powerful emotion known to every new parent… love!